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The Finnish Master Locksmith Guild

The Finnish Master Locksmith Guild was established in 2002. Today it has almost 30 members, most of them Master Locksmiths who have passed the  Master Locskmith Specialist Qualification and specialist members who have been inivited to the Guild.

First time Specialist Qualification for Locksmiths was published in 1995. Next year two very skilled locksmiths passed the examination and a new group of professionals, Master Locksmiths, was born in Finland.
Getting a certificate is not a piece of cake. Qualified master locksmith in Finland has to have a wide experience in all sectors of physical protection and electronic security to pass an examination.  He is a true professional who can supervise other skilled locksmiths.
During the following years some locksmiths passed the examination too, and year 2002 was a suitable time to form a new association, Master Locksmith Guild. Charter of foundation was signed in June and the Guild was registered in December. Next March all 12 certificated master locksmiths were members of the Guild.

The Master Locksmith Specialist Qualification is the highest vocational qualification a person working in the locking business can perform.

The Guild works in close association with FSCA. The office of FSCA takes care of the current matters as well as the secretarial matters of the Guild. The Guild on the other hand takes care of some matters that have earlier been the responsibility of FSCA, e.g. Finnish lock tests.

The aims of the Master Locksmith Guild and Guild Board

The aim of the guild is to develop and contribute to the products in the security and locking industry together with the producers and importers.  The guild has also invited persons to the guild who have not executed the exams. These persons work in different branches and have worked long term in order to develop the security and locksmith business.

To act as nation wide professional body and cooperation link between the authorities and producers
To promote and develop the professionalism of the business
To keep up the respect of the business
To test and evaluate security and locking products that will come or already are in the market.

The Guild board follows the development of professional legislation
Makes suggestions and gives declarations to authorities and other sources in matters concerning the branch.
Follows international development by arranging study trips to trade fairs and happenings in the branch.
Participate in conventions and educational projects that help professional development.


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